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Yes... sorry, video games for me... and work for Jon consuming much time... I'm mostly at fault so... Monday's comic will most likely be late, it will be up sometime in the afternoon hopefully unless I get crazy lazy (or completely forget), and hopefully if we're lucky Jon will have time to get comics done on time this week (not that's its been his fault about being late, it has been mostly mine... sorry)... yeah... I have the comic now but I'm too tired to do it... seriously can't keep eyes open anymore tonight... classes early tomorow... been playing too much Super Monkey Ball and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland... blah... so... sorry... check back later today... ^__^;;   - Justin

Mmm... gloating... bwaha! Yes. Yes I do have both an XBox and a Game Cube. And yes. Both are good. Munch's Oddysee and Luigi's Mansion are both too addicting. Keep having to switch between playing them... >__< I bet some of you don't believe me. THEN BEHOLD!

Fear it's goodness. Bow to it.

XBox in it's lair. It lurks... yes... it does!

Fear it. Fear my gaming power. The power blinds you. Yesss...

- Justin
Monday, November 19, 2001

ooo... animation!


Karaoke v1.0! Coming Back Soon!

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